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BP Settlement Admin meets with North Alabama businesses re: BP claims

BP claims are discussed in meetings with North Alabama businesses

Although many North Alabama businesses don’t know they can collect money from the BP settlement, Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange and BP Settlement Administrator Patrick Juneau are meeting with North Alabama businesses today to explain the BP settlement and the fact that North Alabama businesses may have large BP claims they don’t know about.

Birmingham, Alabama attorney Michael J. Evans, who publishes the blog BP Settlement News, is encouraging North Alabama businesses to attend the meetings with Strange and Juneau.

Michael J. Evans, an attorney representing North Alabama businesses filing BP Settlement claims, said: “Every North Alabama business man and woman who can attend the meetings with the Attorney General and BP Settlement Administrator on Wednesday should do so, because his or her business might be able to collect a large amount of money. Many North Alabama businesses may qualify for large BP Settlement payments without knowing it. For those unable to attend the meetings, they can view a video explaining how the BP settlement applies to North Alabama businesses at the BP settlement website.”

Attorney General Strange and BP Settlement Administrator Juneau will help business owners and individuals understand the eligibility and proof requirements for submitting a BP claim.

Evans said he is concerned that many people will be unable to attend the meetings, which, Evans said, “may be too short.” The meetings are set from 9-10 a.m. at the Cullman Area Chamber of Commerce, 301 Second Ave. S.W.; 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. at the Chamber of Commerce of Huntsville/Madison County, 225 Church St.; and 3:30-4:30 p.m. at Harbert Center, 2019 Fourth Ave. in Birmingham.

Other Ways for North Alabama Businesses to Find Out if They Have a BP Claim in the BP Settlement

“If a business owner is not able to attend one of the meetings,” Evans said, “that person can get more information from a BP claims news website, or watch a set of videos explaining the BP settlement. Below this paragraph is one of the videos in the BP Settlement Help YouTube channel.

Evans has joined forces with the Birmingham law firms of Yearout & Traylor, P.C. and Gathings Law to handle BP claims for North Alabama businesses. “All of our websites have contact forms that allow businesses to request a free legal review of potential BP claims by an attorney. Business owners may also call the law firms directly. Attorney Gusty Yearout can be reached at 800-226-6116 and Lloyd Gathings can be called at 877-803-3006. North Alabama businesses can consult with attorneys about prospective BP claims on the telephone, in an office appointment, or by using a website contact form. The consultation is free. If the attorneys believe you have a valid claim, they will handle your claim and charge no attorneys’ fee unless you collect on your BP claim. And if you do collect money from the BP Settlement, the settlement administrator will pay your attorneys fees from the BP Settlement Fund. You will not be charged attorneys fees to consult with or hire our law firms to file your BP claim.

[Parts of this article were taken from a BP Settlement | BP Claims Press Release.]

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BP Settlement and New BP Claims Process Have Drawn Attention From Top Lawyers

Businesses and nonprofits in the Gulf Coast states have a new BP claims process which is more lenient than the old GCCF, now that the December 21, 2012 Deepwater Horizon oil spill class action settlement set up a new BP claims process. Don’t think the top class action law firms have failed to notice.

A BP Settlement News article published May 9, 2013 takes a look at how much more generous the BP Settlement process is for nonprofits now that the oil spill class action settlement governs BP claims.

The article covers the experiences of a New Orleans Art Museum which had filed a BP claim when Kenneth Feinberg was administering the Gulf Coast Claims Facility (GCCF). The GCCF flatly turned down the museum’s claim. After the settlement was approved, the museum hired an attorney to help them file a claim (the new BP claims process can be complicated). What was the response to the museum’s new claim?  A $600,000 BP Settlement check.

The lawyer who filed a new BP claim for the museum, Zachary Wool, explained:

“First, there’s the question of, “Was your loss caused by the spill?’” he says. “That has now been replaced with this objective formula based on gross revenue. And you either meet that test or you don’t. Or in some cases, for tourism businesses and seafood businesses, depending on where they’re located, any loss you have is automatically presumed to be caused by the spill, and you get to get past this step.”

“Most businesses have an uneven cash flow, and that’s especially true for nonprofits, because they usually receive the bulk of their money in large donations, and those come at different times of the year.”

“And so because the settlement is flexible—and these are the terms that BP agreed to,” he continues, “nonprofits really have an optimal chance to maximize their recovery, because they might have a large donation in May 2009, and then no donations in May 2010, and by using May in the calculation therefore have a large claim.”

New Initiative to Help Alabama Businesses and Nonprofits

Today, two leading Alabama law firms, Yearout & Traylor, P.C. and Gathings Law have announced their firms have launched a new initiative to help secure BP claims checks for businesses and nonprofits affected by the BP oil spill. Many businesses and nonprofit organizations remain unaware of their eligibility for compensation under the terms of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill settlement which a federal judge finally approved December 21, 2012, say attorneys for the two law firms.

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BP claims | Video explains BP claims | Get free help with your BP claim

The BP claims process is complicated. We offer free professional help to businesses to evaluate and file BP claims.

The BP Settlement Help YouTube Playlist has a new video of attorneys Gusty Yearout and Lloyd Gathings explaining the BP claims process. They also explain how you can get free professional help to find out if BP owes you money, and free professional help to file your BP claim to collect your money. The new video is posted below.

BP Claims Video


Summary of the BP claims video and other important BP settlement information

The BP claims process is explained in this video by attorneys Gusty Yearout (800-226-6116) and Lloyd Gathings (877-803-3006). The BP settlement provides money to businesses all over Alabama, West Florida, MS and LA if they file the proper BP claims forms and business records showing that gross revenues declined-for any reason-during certain months in 2010, and recovered a certain amount in 2011 (it’s a little more technical than that, but that’s what  we’re here for).

Yearout and Gathings explain the complexities of filing BP claims, and explain how you can get free legal representation to file your BP claim in BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill settlement. See more at Yearout’s and Gathings’ law firm websites are at and

BP Claims – Free Review

You can get a free BP claims review from the attorneys at Yearout & Traylor, P.C. and Gathings Law, P.C. by using the form in the right margin of this page, or by using our Free BP Claims Evaluation form.

The BP oil spill devastated the economies of Alabama, western Florida, MS and LA. Businesses located anywhere in those areas may be able to collect money from the BP settlement. Contact us to find out if you’re owed money from the BP Settlement. Our services are free to you, and if we handle the BP claims process for you, our fees will be paid from the BP settlement. There is no cost or risk to you.

 BP Settlement Help and are sponsored by law firms

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BP Claims Litigation Continues

BP Claims Litigation Continues – BP Claims Litigation Update for Alabama Lawyers on Nov. 18, 2011

I spent today at a Legal Strategies Conference in Montgomery, AL. The Beasley Allen law firm, headquartered in Montgomery, hosted the conference. Beasley Allen is one of several law firms that has made a huge commitment of time and money to representing businesses and workers who suffered financial harm due to the BP oil spill.

Lawyers who represent plaintiffs in lawsuits against corporations are often criticized by corporations which want to evade the financial responsibility for their unlawful conduct. BP is attempting to do that here, and without law firms willing to commit substantial resources to represent their clients, small businesses and workers harmed by the Gulf oil spill would simply be at the mercy of British Petroleum.

Rhon Jones, head of the Toxic Tort Section at Beasley Allen, will be speaking about the BP lawsuits tomorrow. I’ll try to follow up soon with a post based on the latest information provided by Jones.

Update: BP settlement approved December 2012, BP claims available to business in wide area

BP claims can now be filed by businesses of any type anywhere in the states of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and the West Coast of Florida as far south as Key West. It is not necessary to provide direct proof that your downturn in revenues was caused by the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Instead, the BP settlement creates a test based upon a decline in gross revenues during the period of the BP oil spill (May-December 2010).


Gulf Coast Oil Spill Claims – November 2011 Update on BP Claims Filed With Gulf Coast Claims Facility

BP Claims Are Backlogged

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m an attorney who represents a number of clients with BP oil spill claims.  Unfortunately, Kenneth Feinberg and the Gulf Coast Claims Facility have turned out to be a big disappointment to many people with BP claims for money lost due to the Gulf oil spill.

Gulf Coast Claims Facility Performance Falls Short of Promises Made by Kenneth Feinberg

The Gulf Coast Claims Facility, or GCCF, appears to be almost hopelessly bogged down reviewing hundreds of thousands of Gulf oil spill claims. The GCCF has gotten rid of several hundred thousand oil spill claims, but these were almost all quick, small settlements. Some people who took these oil spill settlements were in such terrible financial shape that they felt they didn’t have any choice other than to accept the offer made by the Gulf Coast Claims Facility. It has become clear that the GCCF is not going to fully and quickly pay BP claims, as Kenneth Feinberg promised the people of the Gulf Coast.

Gulf Oil Spill Claims by Businesses Are Being Greatly Delayed

People with substantial business claims for Gulf oil spill losses may want to consider making final demands to the Gulf Coast Claims Facility.  Under the Oil Pollution Act, when an oil spill occurs, the “responsible party” is required to make an offer to a person who lost money because of the spill. The responsibility party is required under the Oil Pollution Act to make the offer within 90 days of receiving a final demand on an oil spill claim.

BP is certainly a “responsible party” for the Gulf oil spill. Kenneth Feinberg and the Gulf Coast Claims Facility are acting on behalf of BP. Although there are no guarantees that a person or business which files a final claim will get a response within 90 days, it is a course of action that you may wish to discuss with your attorney.

Oil Spill Losses By Businesses Can Be Documented By Forensic Accounting Firms

I’m working with an alliance of law firms representing people and businesses with BP claims. Our alliance is headed by Texas attorney Brent Coon of Brent Coon & Associates (BCA). BCA has offices in most of the Gulf Coast states. I’ve been impressed with the job BCA and the other firms in our group are doing. We’ve hired forensic accounting firms which are experienced in calculating business losses and providing evidence to prove the amount of those losses.

Many people and businesses use tax preparers or accounting firms which are familiar with tax issues and deductible expenses. Some who are familiar with tax laws may not be aware of all the losses that a business has suffered and will continue to suffer in the future due to the BP oil spill. If you believe you have suffered substantial losses but don’t have a person who can calculate those losses, you may wish to consider talking with a forensic accounting firm or a law firm handling BP claims.

Bankruptcy Issues

I want to make one final point. Some people have lost their businesses or jobs due to the Gulf oil spill. They may be considering filing bankruptcy due to their destitute financial condition. These people may wish to ask their bankruptcy attorney to consider filing a BP claim for them, or they may wish to ask their attorney to talk with a law firm which handles BP claims. Some may be forced to file for bankruptcy. But it doesn’t seem fair that BP should be allowed to put people and businesses in bankruptcy without paying for the damage its oil spill caused.

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