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Oil Spill Claims Update | 29,000 Claims Filed, 1,900 Paid

Oil Spill Claims – Ken Feinberg BP Fund Statistics – August 31, 2010

Kenneth Feinberg gave the Press-Register new figures Monday on the number of oil spill claims that have been paid by the Gulf Coast Claims Facility. As of Monday afternoon (8-31-2010), almost 29,000 people have filed claims. About 1,900 checks have been written for a total of $9.7 million. Feinberg said that forms filed by nearly 20,000 individual workers have been reviewed, and that today each one of them will receive a check or a message telling them what information they need to complete their request for payment.

A spokesperson for the Gulf Coast Claims Facility (GCCF) said that payment statistics will be posted online daily at the GCCF website. The report that was posted on the website early Monday afternoon showed 29,867 claims for emergency advance payments, of which 1,935 have been paid. The total amount paid was $9,767,869.68.

The Washington Independent questioned GCCF spokesperson Amy Weiss about Feinberg’s promise that individual claims would be paid within 48 hours. “The 48 hours, as Ken has said, is 48 hours after the documentation is in.” She added that “every claim has been looked at so far.” Weiss said 88% of the requests were for lost earnings, about 6 percent were for “loss of subsistence use of natural resources,” and 4 percent were for damage to property.

Nearly all of the claimants have filed for emergency payments, which are supposed to cover losses for six months, before a final payment is made. One confusing thing is that there have been 1,358 “final claims” submitted, even though the GCCF isn’t accepting final claims yet. Feinberg appears to be confused by this, too, because the GCCF’s report says “Review underway to determine whether claimant intended to file Final Claim.”

If you filed for a final payment by mistake, there are at least two reasons you may want to withdraw it and submit a temporary claim. First, the final claim isn’t likely to be paid and you may not receive the temporary payment you are entitled to receive. Secondly, a final payment requires you to give up the right to request any further payments from BP, whereas temporary payments allow you to request more money.

If you want to read the rules Feinberg issued for processing requests for payments, we’ve put those online for you to read at Scribd.

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BP Claims | Kenneth Feinberg BP Fund Off to Slow Start on BP Claims

BP Claims – 26,000 Claims Filed, Only 1,200 Paid by Kenneth Feinberg BP Fund

Kenneth Feinberg, head of the new Gulf Coast Claims Facility, spent the last two months promising everyone who would listen that he would process BP claims faster, fairer and more generously than BP. But after Mr. Feinberg took over the BP claims process on August 23, 2010, some people found that they couldn’t tell any difference. Feinberg admitted at the Southern Governors’ Association meeting on Sunday that his office had received 18,900 claims from individuals, and 7,400 claims from businesses, but had paid only 1,200 individuals.

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Kenneth Feinberg BP Fund – New Oil Spill Claims Rules Blasted by AGs

Kenneth Feinberg BP Fund – Oil Spill Rules Don’t Create Trust in Florida & Alabama AGs

Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum joined Alabama Attorney General Troy King in criticizing the Kenneth Feinberg BP Fund oil spill claims rules today. McCollum issued a press release containing excerpts from a letter he sent today to Kenneth Feinberg. McCollum’s letter condemned the new rules, saying they contradict many of Feinberg’s previous public statements. McCollum wrote: “the current process appears to be even less generous to Floridians than the BP process.” McCollum added “the process appears to have as its primary goal the reduction or elimination of claims, instead of making claimants whole.”

Damning words from Florida’s chief legal officer.

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Oil Spill Claims | Kenneth Feinberg BP Fund Issues Rules

Oil Spill Claims – Kenneth Feinberg BP Fund Issues Rules

New BP oil spill trust fund administrator Kenneth Feinberg has been flying around the Gulf states meeting with people and businesses who have lost money due to the oil spill. People at these meetings have expressed anger at the way they have been treated by BP, and Ken Feinberg has tried to distance himself from BP. While Feinberg has said Kenneth Feinberg BP Fund will be fairer and faster than BP’s claims process, Feinberg has not provided much specific information about the new rules that will apply. News reports say some people who attended meetings with Feinberg have asked for copies of the rules that will govern the new process, but the rules have not been available until today. In a press release, Feinberg released his Gulf Coast Claims Facility Protocol for Emergency Advance Payments. Feinberg said “These guidelines are the result of many town hall meetings throughout the Gulf, listening to the people affected by this disaster.”

Kenneth Feinberg BP Fund – Some Oil Spill Attorneys Are Waiving Fee on First Payment

Some oil spill attorneys are offering to file oil spill payment applications with the Ken Feinberg BP Fund, and they are waiving attorneys’ fees on Feinberg’s first payment (the payment for 6 months of losses). This means that people can get a lawyer to file the paperwork with the Kenneth Feinberg BP Fund, and at the same time they can pursue a case against BP using the court system. Pursuing BP simultaneously through Feinberg’s processing facility and the court system may be the quickest way to obtain full and fair compensation. I’ll update this post soon to provide a way to contact attorneys offering this service.

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Feinberg | Oil Spill Claims | More About the $20 Billion BP Claims Fund

[Update 8-21-2010] The most current information on this topic as of 8-21-2010 can be found at:

[Update 8-3-2010.] Kenneth Feinberg, administrator of the $20 billion BP claims fund, is expected to begin processing claims August 23, 2010. Pro Publica reported today that BP has stopped processing some claims, leaving them to be handled by Feinberg’s office. [End update.]

BP Claims Fund Administrator Feinberg: Some People Won’t Be Paid

Information about the $20 billion BP claims fund has been leaking out each day since the it was announced, but what do you need to know if you have lost money due to the Deepwater Horizon disaster? The flow of information about the escrow fund has been much slower than the oil gushing from the Deepwater Horizon oil leak. In fact, it’s still hard to get a handle on exactly which losses will be paid, and how much people can expect to receive. Although Kenneth Feinberg, the new BP claims administrator, has been holding meetings to explain the new process, information has sometimes seemed to change from one meeting to another.

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