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Gulf oil spill crisis | A threat & an opportunity

Gulf Oil Spill Crisis: Will President Obama Follow the Lead of Jimmy Carter, or John F. Kennedy?

The Gulf oil spill is a crisis that presents both a threat and an opportunity for President Obama. His success does not depend on exhibiting anger, as some in the media have suggested. He cannot “emote” his way out of this crisis. The outcome will be determined not by words, but by actions. The comparison between President Obama and George W. Bush, and the debate over whether this is Obama’s Katrina, is a false issue. It may provide interesting cable news chatter, but the President should not concern himself with that. The real issue before President Obama is “What can I do, now that I know the full scope of the problem and the unreliability of British Petroleum, to protect the Gulf Coast and the health and financial well-being of its citizens?” [Read more…]


Oil Spill: Hollywood Suggestions for Dealing With the BP Oil Spill

BP oil spill response suggestions updated 6-2-2010.

We’ve had over 800 suggestions for dealing with the oil spill here at, and some of them are very interesting. We’re happy that some in positions of authority are following the postings at this site, but we also want to post BP’s oil spill suggestion telephone hotline again so you can call BP and report your idea directly to them. BP’s Deepwater Horizon response hotline number is (281)-366-5511.

We think we’ve gotten some interesting suggestions from our readers, but we want to report some other suggestions we’ve heard in the last couple of days that seem to come straight out of Hollywood: [Read more…]


Gulf oil spill whistleblowers welcome here

We’re looking for whistleblowers with any unpublished information about the failure of the oil rig, the aftermath of the explosion, or any coverup by BP concerning the Gulf oil spill. We’re heard rumors of wildlife dying in the Gulf and washing up on oil reefs, but we’ve heard that BP is preventing people in boats from entering the area so it’s not been verified. We would like to hear from any person with newsworthy, unpublished information. We would also like to obtain any video or pictures that show damage to the environment. You can contact us through our Facebook page, or by submitting a Contact Form here at BPOilNews, or by calling 866-971-TIPS (866-971-8477). Anonymous tips are welcome.

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