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Not Safe for Children | Oil Spill Images | Gulf Coast Birds

Oil Spill Images June 5, 2010.

You probably don’t want to watch these oil spill pictures with your children. This video contains very graphic oil spill images showing the effects of the Gulf oil spill on wildlife of the area. Associated Press photographers have combined their oil spill images into this video that shows exactly what is happening to the birds of the Gulf. Here’s the oil spill video:

Here’s a CBS video with more oil spill pictures, this one of distressed birds in Grande Isle, Louisiana:

A wildlife rescue center in Louisiana is doing its best to rescue wildlife:

Update: June 6, 2010. Wildlife apocalypse: another video with oil spill pictures of wildlife rescue efforts. Pictures of pelicans, dead birds and dolphins which have been washing ashore, coated in the sludge.

One group that is helping rescue birds in the Gulf is the International Bird Rescue Research Center (IBRRC). You can see the IBRRC’s oil spill images at their flickr photostream. If you want to donate money to help finance their rescue efforts, you can do so at the IBRRC website.

BP has done everything in its power to prevent images from the oil spill from getting to the American people. The San Francisco Chronicle and other news sources have reported that BP has suppressed pictures of dead dolphins and turtles. Why? The same reason the Nazis did their dirty work behind the walls of concentration camps. BP knows that a picture is worth at least a thousand words, and that the American people will be outraged if they actually see the devastation BP’s oil spill is causing. If you have pictures of beaches, marshes or animals affected by the Gulf oil spill, please share them with us at our Gulf oil spill Facebook page. If you have oil spill video, please upload it to YouTube and send us a link. We can post YouTube videos, flickr photostreams, and other media on our site. We want to help get the oil spill pictures to the American people.

Click this link to see oil spill video.

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