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XPrize May Award $10 Million Prize for Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Solution

Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Suggestions: Prize May be Awarded for Oil Spill Solution.

June 28, 2010 – Francis Beland, a Vice-President at theGot a fix for oil spill? It may be worth a prize, announced today that the group may offer a $10 million XPrize for a smart idea for an oil spill solution to the Deepwater Horizon oil leak. In the past the XPrize people have offered similar awards for coming up with awards for private spaceflight or ultra-efficient automobiles.

Oil Spill Suggestions for Plugging Deepwater Horizon Leak Are Pouring In.

Beland was speaking at at the TEDxOilSpill event in Washington DC. Beland said the group has already received 35,000 oil spill suggestions. People with ideas for an oil spill solution can contact Beland at:

The XPrize Foundation’s website does not yet have details of the prize, but several news sources covered the announcement, and you can read articles about the possible Deepwater Horizon oil spill solution prize here:

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Articles differed on whether the XPrize Foundation will definitely be awarding the prize, or whether it is merely “kicking around the idea.” The Denver Post reports that the XPrize Foundation still has to raise money to fund the prize. We’ll update this blog post as more information about the possible oil spill suggestion prize becomes available.

Do You Have a Solution for the Deepwater Horizon Leak?

We’ve had over 2,300 people post suggested solutions here at Some of them have been mentioned on other publications, including the BBC. If you’ve submitted your idea for an oil spill solution here, we urge you to resubmit it to Mr. Beland.

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