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Coast Guard’s New Excuse for 65-foot “Safety Zone” – Vandalism

Oil Spill Pictures, the Coast Guard, and the First Amendment. A New Excuse for the 65-foot “Safety Zone.”

The government has changed its excuse for the 65-foot “safety zone” announced by the Coast Guard this week. The new excuse? Vandalism. Yes, you read it correctly. Vandalism. It seems strange that Admiral Thad Allen didn’t mention vandalism when he announced the “safety zone.” But the Coast Guard changed its story after an outcry from the media and the public accusing the Coast Guard of trying to prevent oil spill pictures and accurate reporting on the oil spill clean up. People who venture inside the “safety zone” are subject to a $40,000 fine and a Class D felony conviction.

Click here to see oil spill pictures. [Read more…]


Oil spill pictures of Grande Isle: What are they covering up?

Oil spill pictures suggest a cover-up on Grande Isle – sand being used to cover up the oil.

Grande Isle, Louisiana – July 2, 2010 – Karen Dalton Beninato, writing at, asks the question, “Are Grand Isle’s oiled beaches being covered up with sand?” An oil spill picture she took Monday appears to show a dump truck dumping sand on the beach at Grande Isle. She wasn’t actually allowed to go onto the beach: access to the beach depended upon being taken there by an escort, and the escort happened to be “too busy.” That’s a shame, because Monday was the last day for civilians to walk the beach for a while without fear of being arrested, charged with a felony, and fined $40,000.

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Oil spill pictures – Coast Guard officially joins BP’s media blackout

Oil spill pictures taken within 65 feet of animals, workers and equipment may be history.

U.S. Coast Guard announces ban on civilians near oil spill. Would someone please tell me when the First Amendment was repealed?

U.S. Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen yesterday announced a ban on members of the public, including members of the media, coming within 65 feet of boats and oil boom. The ban was allegedly put in place at the behest of local governmental officials. Allen said the ban was necessary for security and safety reasons–that officials were afraid someone would get hurt. It seems more likely that Allen and his “partner” BP were worried about someone getting criticized because of heart-wrenching oil spill pictures than they are that someone will get hurt. So far, the only injuries that I can recall hearing about on the Gulf Coast are injuries to workers breathing BP’s toxic oil and dispersant fumes without respirators (which are banned by BP). [Read more…]


Gulf oil spill crisis | A threat & an opportunity

Gulf Oil Spill Crisis: Will President Obama Follow the Lead of Jimmy Carter, or John F. Kennedy?

The Gulf oil spill is a crisis that presents both a threat and an opportunity for President Obama. His success does not depend on exhibiting anger, as some in the media have suggested. He cannot “emote” his way out of this crisis. The outcome will be determined not by words, but by actions. The comparison between President Obama and George W. Bush, and the debate over whether this is Obama’s Katrina, is a false issue. It may provide interesting cable news chatter, but the President should not concern himself with that. The real issue before President Obama is “What can I do, now that I know the full scope of the problem and the unreliability of British Petroleum, to protect the Gulf Coast and the health and financial well-being of its citizens?” [Read more…]


Coast Guard footage of controlled burn of BP oil spill in Gulf of Mexico | May 10, 2010

Here is Coast Guard footage of a controlled burn of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. This was uploaded to YouTube May 10, 2010.

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