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BP settlement revisited: BP recycles arguments, calling BP claims”absurd”

BP claims filed by businesses in Deepwater Horizon oil spill settlement are again in dispute as BP seeks court order requiring BP settlement administrator to stop paying certain claims

According to a Bloomberg report and several other news outlets, BP has filed new papers seeking to avoid paying many BP claims. The papers were filed on March 15, 2013, in New Orleans federal cort against Deepwater Horizon settlement administrator Patrick Juneau. BP is asking the court to stop  Juneau from paying BP claims based upon Juneau’s interpretation of the Deepwater Horizon settlement agreement and the use of a revenue formula to determine the validity and amount of BP claims.

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If BP’s request is unsuccessful, it alternatively will ask the BP settlement judge to ban BP claims payments to businesses in industries in which BP asserts that most of the fraudulent BP claims have been filed. That includes businesses in agriculture, construction, professional services, real estate, manufacturing and retail.

BP claims process leads to “false positives” and “absurd results,” says BP.

BP argues that the BP settlement administrator’s revenue formula for paying BP claims is requiring the global oil giant to pay billions more than it expected when it settled the Deepwater Horizon class action lawsuit. Juneau’s formula, BP says, leads to “false positives” with “absurd results.”

BP said that the settlement administrator made decisions in January that expose it to BP claims that were not contemplated when the BP settlement was agreed upon. BP is asking the court to order the settlement administrator to stop BP claims payments to any businesses whose claims are part of the administrator’s January decisions.

BP is also asking the court to block BP claims payments to businesses in certain industries, including agriculture, construction, professional services, real estate, manufacturing and retail.

$9.7 million BP claim was approved for a highway, street and bridge construction company in northern Alabama.

After the BP settlement was approved in December, 2012, attorneys throughout the Southeast have begun filing BP claims on behalf of all types of businesses, including some which are located hundreds of miles from the Gulf Coast. One example cited by BP in its Friday court filings was a $9.7 million BP claim that was approved for a highway, street and bridge construction company in northern Alabama, over 200 miles from the Gulf Coast.

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Feinberg | Oil Spill Claims | More About the $20 Billion BP Claims Fund

[Update 8-21-2010] The most current information on this topic as of 8-21-2010 can be found at:

[Update 8-3-2010.] Kenneth Feinberg, administrator of the $20 billion BP claims fund, is expected to begin processing claims August 23, 2010. Pro Publica reported today that BP has stopped processing some claims, leaving them to be handled by Feinberg’s office. [End update.]

BP Claims Fund Administrator Feinberg: Some People Won’t Be Paid

Information about the $20 billion BP claims fund has been leaking out each day since the it was announced, but what do you need to know if you have lost money due to the Deepwater Horizon disaster? The flow of information about the escrow fund has been much slower than the oil gushing from the Deepwater Horizon oil leak. In fact, it’s still hard to get a handle on exactly which losses will be paid, and how much people can expect to receive. Although Kenneth Feinberg, the new BP claims administrator, has been holding meetings to explain the new process, information has sometimes seemed to change from one meeting to another.

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